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Indian Link Exchange has a proven ad campaign technology that that will help reduce your ad campaign costs while maximizing potential revenue. Our mission is to provide high quality customer service and reliability to our clients through our quality netowrk of exchange members, thereby resulting in heavy trafic to our advertisers.Our Follwoing two Ads Model offer both diverse campaign control to best suit your ad budgets.Indian Link Exchange deploys advanced targeting technologies to reach the right audience.Our ads technology features i.e cheat anylasier, online stat, banner managment etc.

Pay Per Impression
Our most successful banner campaign models on the Internet proves to be a successful program for well-established brand awareness websites. Advertisers will be able to target their campaign in upto 50 catagories to help refine their target market and capture the desired audience. CPM or cost per million is based on 1000 ad exposures. For instance, a $10.00CPM rate means, a cost of $10.00 per 1000 banner exposures to the advertiser.Our CPM models are generally cheaper to run, and target to a large audience much faster than our other packages Interested? View our  media-kit for more info.                                More..

Pay Per Click
The second banner campaign model is sold on our Cost-per-Click model. This means that advertisers are charged by the number of unique visitors who actually read the ad and click-through to the advertiser's website.You pay ONLY for the prospects who actually read your banner ad and indicate an interest in your product and services."Pay-per-Click!" marketing provides true return on investment for your ad budget. This campaign model does not sell advertising based on page views or impressions Interested? View our media-kit for more info. More..                                                                                                                                                 




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