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Pay Per Impression,Free Advertising and Cost Per Impression
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Pay  Per Impression

At Indian Link Exchange we take advertising seriously!! With over 1-year of online advertising experience we know what it takes to get the highest click-thru rates as well as the highest ROI. Our intelligent banner-management software and anti-fraud prevention makes enables is what takes us apart from our competitors.Indian Link Exchange deploys advanced targeting technologies to reach the right audience.

Our CPM (cost per 1000unique banner impressions) advertising solution ensures that all our advertisers will continue to run campaigns with us time after time. All member accounts are checked for adult-oriented material and are not accepted in our program.

Package: Impressions: Total $US Price/CPM:
Quick 5000 = 5 CPM $25.00 $5.00
Bronze 10,000 = 10 CPM $47.00 $4.75
Silver 25,000 = 25 CPM $75.00 $6.00
Gold 50,000 = 50 CPM $100.00 $2.00
Platinum 100,000
and more...
$Negotiable $Negotiable

[CPM=1000 impressions]

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