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Free Banner

Indian link is an easy-to-use service that helps bring visitors to your website. You can display your ad banner on thousands of web sites around the world for FREE in exchange for advertising space on your site as well as Free link Exchange in text.The Indian Link Exchange has special features or reason why you should join which are as below:

Free 1000 Impresion and Ratio 1:1

Membership is available for free. Get 1000 FREE credits (Offer expires 1/06/01) on joining.Exchange ratio 1:1 means Every time a person visits your web page that displays a indian link Exchange member banner your account receives 1 credit(s). Your account is charged 1 credit(s). Every time your banner is displayed on another members webpage.No loss of any banner.

Free Mailing List and Counters

Free mailling list for each user with ability to modify subscribe/unsubscribe/error pages, add/remove emails.Free visitor counter for each user with tracking extended stats (visitors, unique visitors, browser info, and other)

Click Credit

You also earn Credits when you provide us Click-Throughs for the banner shown on your website.Each time someone visiting your site clicks on the banner that is currently being shown on your page, you get 2 credits for 6 clicks

Referral Credits

You get credits from impressions generated by a member referred by you. you get 1 credit for every 5 banners they show. The Indian Link Exchange mini banner underneath every banner you show is used to give referral credits. Any visitor who clicks on that Mini Banner and becomes a member of Exchange will be counted as your referral. And you will get 1 credit for every 5 banners they show.

Easy Uploading of Banners

Browser uploading for banner ad graphics with file type and size checking (i.e. GIF image at 468x60) Support following banner formats: GIF, JPG,java, Flash and HTML.


All ad banners on the Indian Link Exchange network are reviewed by our staff for content appropriate for general audiences. We do not accept any advertisements for adult material, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or other potentially objectionable content.

On Line Stats.

Advance Statistic feature Global, monthly, daily and hourly stats and credit information, click credit, referal credit information.You will get stat every new banner you loaded. Extended stat will show that on which site you banner showing what click it recived.Tracking stats in your local time measuring.

Manage Banner by Time

You can manage your banner display by time means during whcih hours of day you want your banner to be displayed you can choose round the clock and even for each day. you can modify it anytime.

Manage Banner by Catagories

Indian Link Exchange has been catagorised into 150 catagories . you can choose under which catagories you want to display your banners . you can avoid displaying on sites not directly related to your products. you can manage your advertsiment by your choice.

Manage Banner by Country

You can manage your advertisment out of 128 countries.You can choose in which country you want to display your advertsiment. You can display in all countries

Easy Installation

You'll receive a section of HTML code to use on your pages (the code will show the network banners). Simply paste the code, upload your pages and you're ready to go! Once you've installed your code, you'll upload your own banners(s) to be shown on other members' sites.

Anti-cheating Software

We have Developed a sophisticated Smart 6-level cheat analyzer and anti-fraud security back-end that seeks out fraudulent accounts and terminates them immediately. By having high level of security features ensures one of the highest click-thru rates on the Internet.

Search Engine Enabled

We have developed a sophisticated Search engine where you can search for sites. You can also have people search to acertain about a particuler member.Categories Browsing is enabled

Lost Password

Members can retrieve forgotten passwords.

Transfer of Credits

Members can transfer credits in their account to another members. If they have two account they can also transfer the credit to another account.



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